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Candles & Home Fragrance at Walgreens

Although you may not realize it, scent can have a powerful impact on your mood. Some fragrances energize and enliven the senses, while others set a calming, tranquil vibe. Whatever type of ambiance you want to bring to your home, Walgreens offers products to help you create the perfect environment. We carry a wide range of candles and home fragrance solutions in pleasing scents. You can stock up on products for everyday use throughout the home or for problem spots like the bathroom or beside the litter box. With the ability to shop in stores and online, you can find the best candles and home fragrance products for your needs in no time.

Choosing the Perfect Candle

To choose the ideal candle from our wide selection, start by considering type. Jar candles are completely self-contained and ready to light, while votive, pillar, taper and tealight candles typically require some type of holder. Once you have focused on the type that is right for you, compare scents to find ones that suit your tastes. You can then compare the color and appearance of the candles. Burn time is another key point of comparison and tells you how many hours you can expect your candle to last.

Essential Oils for Home Fragrance

Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular for home fragrance. These oils are typically distilled from botanical plants or produced by mixing plant parts with solvents. Highly concentrated, essential oils have robust, strong fragrances, so you only need a little to produce results. A simple way to scent the air with essential oils is to use a diffuser. Powered by batteries or electricity, this device uses heat or sonic vibrations to give off scent.

Exploring Other Fragrance Options

There are a number of other ways that you can fill your home with a pleasing fragrance. Air freshener sprays can be used on demand to scent the air. Deodorizing sprays can be applied to fabrics and upholstery to eliminate foul odors. Timed-release sprayers run on batteries and automatically spray periodically to continuously freshen the air. Plug-in products fit in electrical sockets and gradually give off a pleasant aroma for a certain number of days. You can use the menu at the left to shop for specific types of home fragrance products.