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Walker Accessories at Walgreens

Walkers offer greater mobility to people who have reduced leg strength, injuries, disabilities and balance problems. With the help of a walker, almost anyone can enjoy greater freedom. Walker accessories add more functionality to walkers and make them safer and more enjoyable to use. They can be used with a variety of different types of walkers and rollators. Walker accessories are ideal for busy people on the go who want to get the most out of their mobility aid.

Choosing the Right Walker Accessory

Looking for a hands-free way to carry your personal belongings with you? You can do that with a walker bag. These bags are fashionable cotton bags that attach directly to your walker. Fill the bag up with the items you need and hang it over the crossbar of your walker. Pockets are attached to the front and back of this handy bag for extra storage space. When it needs freshening up, just drop it in the washer and then into the dryer.

If you have lots to take with you, a walker tote will carry your belongings in style. This handsome bag is roomy enough to hold a variety of carry-along items. Clips on the front hold the tote close to keep your items safe and secure. Tucked inside is a key ring hold sewn onto the bag to keep your keys secure and make them easier to find. Outside is a generous pocket to carry the items you need access to quickly. It even has a strap attached so you can hold the pack when it's not attached to your walker. This handy walker tote bag works with most mobility devices including wheelchairs, walkers and rollators.

You may find yourself in need of your medications while you're out and about. Medical backpacks are a safe and convenient way to carry your medications with you. These generously constructed bags have a roomy main compartment and an internal pocket that zips shut. There's an added drop pocket and stash pocket on the front. It even has a removable essentials kit you can snap inside for maximal storage space. Once you've added your belongings, this spacious pack attaches to your back with a comfy shoulder harness. It's a hands-free way to carry along your meds and personal belongings. You won't have to worry if it rains since it's completely water-proof. You can personalize your pack by choosing from a variety of colors from basic black to bright orange.

Easy-glide walker feet reduce friction and help your walker glide more smoothly over all types of surfaces. They conveniently attach to the back legs of most walkers that have front wheels. Simply remove the old caps from your walker and replace them with easy-glide walker feet. Installation is quick and easy and requires no tools. They're constructed of thick plastic for maximal durability, safety and traction on all types of surfaces.

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