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Wheelchair & Transport Chair Accessories

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Wheelchair and Transport Chair Accessories at Walgreens

Wheelchairs and transport chairs can give independence back to people who have reduced mobility due to an injury, a disability or advanced age. The wide range of wheelchair accessories can make the experience of using a wheelchair much more comfortable and convenient. From cushions and foam pads that support the spine and give superior comfort, to ramps that allow the wheelchair to negotiate steps and uneven slopes, there is something useful for nearly every wheelchair user in this range.

Types of Accessories for your Wheelchair and Transport Chair

When someone spends extended periods of time in a wheelchair, they need to ensure that they are positioned in a way that does not put too much pressure on any part of the body. Cushions and foam pads can help to distribute weight evenly across the base of the wheelchair. Some wheelchair cushions are specifically designed to support the spine. This can help the wheelchair user to maintain a better posture, reducing the risk of strain-related injuries from developing.

If you are planning to use the wheelchair cushions outside in all weather conditions, then look for cushions that have waterproof covers. On the other hand, fleece covers can add an extra touch of comfort when using the chair in the home or the office.

Wheelchairs are effective for increasing mobility. However, they still face problems when confronted with steps, curbs, and doorways that include a difference in height between the floors on either side of the door. Ramps can resolve many of these problems, allowing the wheelchair user to get to where they need to be with negotiable ease.

If you are purchasing a wheelchair ramp for a specific purpose, you need to check that the dimensions will fit the site where you plan to use the ramp. The Americans with Disabilities Act recommends using a slope of 1 in 12, which means that the ramp extends 12 inches along the ground for every inch that it rises in height. A slope that is steeper than 2 in 12 should never be used with an occupied wheelchair.

Some ramps are designed to be portable, and can be folded up and carried like a suitcase. Adjustable ramps are useful in various situations as you can easily change the gradient of the slope that they provide. Always check the maximum weight capacity of a ramp before using it with a loaded wheelchair.

Wheelchair users can have just as much style as everyone else. Walgreens stocks a range of mobility bags in bright colors and patterns, so that you can express yourself while wheeling around town. Mobility bags are designed to be easily carried on the handles or backrest of the chair and have plenty of space for all your personal belongings.

Walgreens also sells a range of accessories that can be used to customize your wheelchair so that it works well for you. This range includes footrests and pads to keep your arms comfortable, so you can travel in comfort, as well as trays and beverage holders to ensure you always have the things you need right at hand.

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