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Sunglasses at Walgreens

When it comes to shopping for sunglasses, you have to find a balance between two important criteria: style and function. You want to choose sunglasses that make you look and feel good, but you should never forget that the primary purpose of sunglasses is to shield your eyes from the sun's harmful UV radiation. Luckily, Walgreens has plenty of shades that will protect your eyes while making you look great.

Using Sunglasses for Protection

Studies have proven that too much exposure to UV rays can be catastrophic for your eyes over time. Not only does the radiation increase your risk of cataracts, but it can also lead to growths on the surface of your eyes, cancer of the eyelids, burns on your corneas, and macular degeneration. Put simply, your eyes need protection from the sun in the same way that your skin does. Just as you wouldn't spend a day at the beach without sunscreen, you should wear sunglasses whenever you intend to be in the sun for any extended period of time.

Standards for Sunglasses

Not all sunglasses are created equal, and there is no universally recognized system like SPF to rate the effectiveness of certain types of lenses. Many sunglasses will state that they block a certain level of UV radiation. You will ideally want to choose lenses that keep out at least 99 percent of both UVA and UVB rays. You may also occasionally see sunglasses that say they have UV 400 protection. This measure means that they block UV rays up to 400 nanometers, which is a very high level of protection.

Types of Lenses

Lenses tend to be constructed out of polycarbonate, CR-39 (another type of plastic), or glass. The type of lenses you choose will have an impact on their durability and weight. You will also need to decide on a lens tint, as sunglasses come in practically every color of the rainbow. Green, grey, or brown lenses tend to do the best job at minimizing color distortion, so they are good choices if you will be wearing them while driving often. Yellow, gold and amber lenses work best in low level light conditions and are great for winter sports because they don't affect your depth perception. If you're out on a cloudy day or driving or hiking through a heavily forested area, then pink, rose and red lenses may work best because they can help enhance the visibility of an object against blue and green backgrounds. There are also mirrored lenses available that reduce glare, but while doing so make the world appear darker. They do this because they reflect back most of the sun's rays. To compensate for this loss, the tint of mirrored lenses is actually very light.

Many people prefer to use sunglasses with polarized lenses as these do a good job of reducing reflections and glare. If you intend to spend a lot of time out in the bright sun or by the water, then you might benefit from polarized lenses.

Choosing a Style of Sunglasses

When it's time to choose a style of sunglasses, the only rule you need to follow is that you should pick a pair that you feel good about wearing. Try on several different types to find the one that best fits your face, and then narrow that selection down to a particular pair. Just like all other fashion decisions, this choice will be totally subjective, so rely on your own instincts and the opinions of your close friends or family members to help you decide.

No matter what style you settle on, Walgreens has a very broad selection of sunglasses for you to choose from. Browse through your options for eyewear and accessories, and you can easily find options that look great and will keep your eyes safe.