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Spray Deodorant at Walgreens

Deodorant is an essential product in your skin care routine. Whether you're going to work, hitting the gym, or enjoying the outdoors, you need protection from embarrassing odor and sweat. At Walgreens, you can discover a host of spray deodorants, offering an alternative to your typical stick or roll-on varieties. Explore what causes sweat, how deodorant effectively solves your perspiration problems, and the types of spray deodorants available at Walgreens.

Causes of Sweat

Sweating might be best associated with being overheated or overworked, but it can occur for a variety of reasons. Of course, sweating often starts with high temperatures because when the temperature rises, your sweat glands get to work, producing perspiration. Your mood can also contribute to sweating-if you're angry or under pressure, you might notice those beads of sweat accumulating on your forehead. Illness, such as fevers, can contribute to sweating, as can your diet, with foods and drinks such as spicy foods, coffee, and excessive alcohol often causing sweating. Women going through menopause might experience sweating related to night flashes.

Spray Deodorant Types

At Walgreens, you can choose from a variety of spray deodorants. Although their styles are different, each deodorant works to leave you feeling fresh and dry every day, no matter the conditions you face. You can find spray deodorants in two types: antiperspirants, which work by plugging the sweat duct and reducing wetness and odor, and deodorants, which fight odor by minimizing the bacteria that is produced by your sweat glands. Both products can help you fight body odor.

When you're shopping for deodorant sprays at Walgreens, first decide your primary concern: wetness, odor, or both. That determination will help you decide whether a deodorant or antiperspirant is right for you. Spray deodorants are available for both men and women, and you can also choose from scented and unscented varieties. If you want a scented spray deodorant, you can select from many fragrances, including powder fresh, spring breeze, vanilla, white pine, and many more.

Next, decide the style of deodorant spray that works for you. You can select an aerosol spray or a spritz-style spray bottle. Also, investigate the ingredients found in Walgreens spray deodorants to select the right ones for your body. Such ingredients include essential oils, vitamins and minerals, glycerin, and more. You can even find natural and organic spray deodorants, which are ideal if you strive to enjoy a green lifestyle.


Spray deodorants apply easily, without any stickiness or residue. A simple spray or spritz leaves you protected from odor and wetness throughout the day. These long-lasting formulas can minimize body odor, providing even, around-the-clock protection from embarrassing body odor. If you select a scented formula, you can even boast a delightful scent throughout the day, all while preventing that odor and wetness.

Deodorant is probably a part of your everyday routine, but you might not be using a spray deodorant. Give this variety a try to mix up your everyday skin care routine. You will enjoy the benefits of odor and wetness protection with new formulas that can be applied to your skin quickly and easily.