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Mouthwashes and Rinses at Walgreens

Mouthwashes and rinses are known for helping to fight bad breath but many of these products are able to do much more than that. Browse the mouthwashes available from Walgreens, and you will find products to help strengthen teeth, fight plaque, and whiten your smile in addition to freshening breath. Choose the product that's right for your needs, and you'll be well on your way to better oral hygiene.

Eliminating Bad Breath

A number of factors may be responsible for an ongoing struggle with bad breath or halitosis. The most common cause of bad breath, however, is inadequate hygiene. In order to target the bacteria that cause odor, it's important to brush for at least two minutes twice a day and floss regularly. Odor-causing germs love to feed on the remaining food particles that are left in between your teeth after brushing. They release a sulfuric compound that is responsible for bad breath. Other common (yet harder to treat) causes of halitosis can include dry mouth, gum disease, and certain medical conditions. Consult your dentist if you continue to have bad breath in spite of using mouthwash.

There are two common types of mouthwash that are specifically designed to help fight bad breath. Standard mouthwashes temporarily reduce the symptoms of halitosis by masking the scent with a fresher smell. They also help wash away germs from within your entire mouth and can target areas that aren't easily reached through brushing and flossing. Antiseptic mouthwashes are the other most popular type. They are specially formulated to actually kill the germs that lead to bad breath. In addition to causing odor, these bacteria can be responsible for tooth decay as well as gum diseases. Antiseptic mouthwashes are often recommended by dentists for patients who suffer from common oral problems in spite of a consistent regimen of brushing and flossing.

Protect Your Teeth

Fluoride mouthwashes can be specifically used to help increase your protection against tooth decay. The fluoride in these products interacts with the natural enamel on your teeth and helps protect against acid erosion. They can even reverse some erosion after it takes place by re-mineralizing enamel that has been damaged. These products are often recommended for people who are especially susceptible to cavities. Fluoride mouthwash should be used as the last step in your oral care routine so that the components are allowed to sit on your teeth and help strengthen enamel. Avoid eating or drinking for at least 30 minutes after using one of these products.

Cosmetic Use of Mouthwash

Some people turn to mouthwashes as a way to help get a whiter smile. Whitening mouthwashes are formulated to eliminate particles that stain your teeth and lead to discoloration. Their main ingredient is typically hydrogen peroxide, which is known for its whitening properties and is used in most commercial whitening products. Since mouthwashes only stay on your teeth for a few moments at a time, whitening mouthwash is often recommended to help supplement the rest of your whitening routine and target areas of your teeth that can't be reached by other products.

Mouthwashes and rinses not only have the potential to treat the embarrassing problem of bad breath, but they can also prevent a wide array of other common oral issues. Walgreens has an assortment of products, so you can easily find one tailored to fit your needs. Be sure to see your dentist for regular checkups.