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Natural & Organic Personal Care

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Natural and Organic Personal Care Products at Walgreens

With more people turning toward natural lifestyles, top personal care brands are now incorporating many of the ingredients from these ancient solutions into modern products. As a result, you can find natural products for virtually any personal care need. Browse the Walgreens Natural and Organic Personal Care Products to view options within natural oral care, foot care, hair care, and many more.

Discover Natural Personal Care

Natural personal care is growing in popularity as interest in green lifestyles increases every year. Personal care products that are labeled as natural are those that make use of materials and ingredients found in the environment rather than made in laboratories. Natural products may contain essential oils for fragrances and plant extracts that work as cleansing agents or surfactants. They also may contain natural materials that work like preservatives to keep products fresh and extend their shelf lives. The term "natural" can vary greatly in meaning among collections of personal care products. Some products are 100 percent natural with no synthetic or man-made ingredients of any kind. Others consist primarily of natural ingredients with a few necessary chemical ingredients added. This makes reading the product information for natural products important. This way you can know precisely what the product you're using contains.

Organic Vs. Natural: What's the Difference?

Organic products are a special type of natural personal care. Like natural, the meaning of organic can vary depending on the product. In general terms, organic products are those that not only contain natural ingredients and materials but that consist of materials that were grown and processed without chemicals as well. In the United States, the U.S. Department of Agriculture offers certifications for products that get at least 95 percent of their volumes from organic materials. The USDA only considers materials to be organic if they are made without genetic engineering, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, radiation treatments or exposure to sewage. Products may also be certified by other governments or nonprofit certifying groups. Each government or certifying group will have its own definition of what organic means. You may also see natural products that contain some organic ingredients along with other natural materials that may not be organically produced. All organic products are natural. However, only those that meet special criteria can be considered organic.

Gentle Care for the Hair and Skin

In addition to concerns about the environment or dedication to the green movement, sensitive skin is a major reason why people may consider natural and organic products over traditional personal care formulas. Those whose skin becomes easily irritated may experience fewer reactions when they use makeup, facial skin care, body care, bath, sun care and hair care products that are free of synthetics. This is because artificial dyes, chemical fragrances and synthetic preservatives are among the most common irritants in products.

Natural Solutions for the Whole Family

Natural and Organic Personal Care Products are available for every member of the family at Walgreens. Manufacturers offer products with masculine scents and formulas made especially for men. Women can find cosmetics and feminine care products made from natural and organic materials. There are also extra gentle sunscreens and bath and body products made for kids.