Since our founding in 1901, Walgreen Co. and its employees have recognized the connection between strong communities and good business. The Walgreen motto, "The Pharmacy America Trusts," reflects our belief in ethical business practices and our respect for the dedication of our employees in improving the quality of life in their communities. As our company grows, and we bring our stores to new markets and new neighborhoods, we bring with us a tradition of supporting the health needs of our patients. Because we cannot support every worthy program, we have developed these guidelines to help eligible nonprofit organizations understand our priorities, values, and limitations.

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Funding Categories

Organizations seeking funding should have a specific focus on improving:

Health is our major area of focus, and the largest share of our annual budget is allocated to programs that address the health needs of our patients.

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Single-Disease Agencies

Walgreens selects national nonprofit organizations that focus on medical research, treatment, and service for diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis; etc.

United Way

Because Walgreens contributes to many local United Way campaigns across the nation, United Way supported agencies are not eligible to apply for additional support from Walgreens.

Faith-based organizations

Walgreens does contribute to faith-based organizations provided the contributions are not used for inherently religious purposes or to serve a limited constituency. Our contributions to faith-based organizations are designed to enhance services to the larger community in which an organization operates.

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Funding Limitations

Walgreens charitable funds will not be used to support:

  • Any group which is not qualified as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Groups seeking educational or travel grants for contests, pageants, trips or conventions
  • Advertising, promotional events or sponsorship of athletic teams
  • Lobbying, partisan, or denominational programs
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Capital campaigns
  • Sponsorships for individuals participating in cause-related events; i.e., walks, runs, conferences, etc.
  • Sponsorships submitted by a third party on behalf of an organization.

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For grant consideration, eligible nonprofits must apply online. Telephone inquiries and faxed requests are not accepted.

The following information is required:

  1. Organization and contact name and address and 501(c) 3 documentation
  2. Statement of your group's history and purpose
  3. Amount requested
  4. Purpose of contribution
  5. Budget for organization and specific project
  6. Copy of most recent audited financial statement
  7. List of Board Members
  8. List of other corporate and foundation contributors
  9. Demographic of group(s) served
  10. Plan detailing how Walgreens will be acknowledged
  11. Names, if any, of Walgreen employees connected to this project
  12. List of accrediting agencies, if applicable

Please allow a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks for a response.Telephone inquiries and faxed requests will not be considered.

Local non-profit community organizations requesting auction items, merchandise or gift cards (not exceeding $20) should contact their Walgreen district office directly.

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