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Are pharmacists permitted to give vaccinations besides the flu shot?


Pharmacists are allowed to administer flu vaccinations in all 50 states as of October 2009, with Maine being the last state to allow pharmacists to immunize. Most states allow pharmacists to immunize after completing a certification program. One of the first programs developed and commonly used is the Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery program was established by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and is endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This program teaches the basics of immunology and focuses on the practice implementation and legal/regulatory issues regarding vaccinations. The authority of pharmacists to administer vaccines depends on the individual state wide laws and regulations in pharmacy practice. Some states require specific education or certification requirements. There are state specific limitations in the types of vaccines pharmacist are allowed to administer as well as limitations on age. Other states may require a prescription from a physician for a pharmacist to administer vaccines. The route of administration may also be limited according to state specific laws.

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