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Can I use over-the-counter creams to remove age and sun spots?


There are plenty of lotions and creams made for the treatment of age and sun spots that are available over-the-counter. Products with hydroquinone 2%, kojic acid, glycolic acid or deoxyarbutin as the active ingredient work best for this task. But watch for products with hydroquinone as those may cause irritation with continued use. Creams and lotions with these ingredients can also help fade light colored spots on your skin. But you may also be able to prevent sun spots by protecting yourself with a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15.

Prescription options include creams with hydroquinone 4% and tretinoin. There are also procedures that can help fade existing dark spots like chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser therapy and cryotherapy. These options can be quite expensive and are rarely covered by insurance companies. Consult a dermatologist or doctor about possible side effects before doing these procedures.

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