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Are there any nonprescription products that work for vaginal dryness in postmenopausal women?


Since loss of estrogen production after menopause is a chief contributor to vaginal dryness, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is indeed a common treatment for this symptom of the "change of life." However, HRT is not without its risks: an increased risk of heart disease, breast cancer, stroke, and blood clots.

HRT is often recommended for women experiencing several menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, rather than vaginal dryness alone. If dryness is your main concern, you might want to try using any of the available over-the-counter personal moisturizers or lubricants.

What is the difference between these products? Vaginal moisturizers are intended to moisturize the delicate skin for several days at a time vs. lubricants, which are formulated to last several hours and are commonly used before intercourse. Moisturizers help the pH of the inside of the vagina stay at its proper acidic level, which helps prevent infections.

These products are also used by women experiencing vaginal dryness that is not caused by menopause.

Avoiding vinegar and other douches, bubble baths, and harsh soaps can also help.

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