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Should I keep my insulin refrigerated at all times?


You do not have to keep insulin in the refrigerator at all times, despite manufacturers' recommendation. Injecting cold insulin can be uncomfortable. To avoid painful cold injections, you can store the most current bottle of insulin at room temperature.

If you keep insulin at room temperature, its life will be approximately one month. But if you buy more than one bottle of insulin at a time, it is recommended that you keep the rest of your bottles refrigerated for a longer shelf life. Then, before you use it, take it out ahead of time to warm up to room temperature for your next injection.

Insulin storage tips:

  • Insulin should never be stored near extreme heat or cold.
  • Never store your insulin in your car in direct sunlight or in the glove compartment.
  • Do not store insulin in the extreme cold of your freezer.
  • Insulin should never be used past its expiration date. Always check the label for the date.
  • Closely examine your insulin bottle for particles or discoloration, making sure it looks normal before your draw it into the syringe. If you see this, do not use it and return the unused bottle for an exchange and/or refund.

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