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Is using an insulin pump more effective than insulin injections?


One of the main advantages of using an insulin pump is you don't have to inject yourself with insulin several times a day. Insulin pumps are computerized devices attached to a catheter by a tube and a needle placed in your abdomen. The pump contains insulin cartridges and releases basal insulin to keep your blood sugars controlled. It works while you are sleeping and even eating. It is also programmable as you can enter the number of bolus insulin units you need.

The pump can also check your blood glucose level, but you will need to manually adjust your bolus doses.

Pumps can more accurately deliver insulin than individual injections. Insulin pumps also allow users to better control their A1C levels, leading to fewer hypoglycemic episodes. With a lower chance of hypoglycemic episodes, this can improve quality of life greatly. But, the pump can be relatively expensive, cause weight gain, and must also be taken everywhere you go.

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Your Digital Health Advisor. Powered by WebMD. Manage diabetes with this easy online tool.* Get started.

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