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Who is eligible for Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage?


All individuals who already have Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B coverage are eligible to enroll in a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.

Prescription drug insurance, called Medicare Part D, helps pay for prescription medications. Anyone who is eligible for Medicare is also eligible for Part D. As with Part B, you have the choice to enroll or not, and you will pay a monthly premium.

Hospital insurance, called Medicare Part A, helps pay the costs of hospital stays, including meals and nursing services. When you sign up for Medicare, you automatically get Part A. Most people do not have to pay a monthly cost (premium) for Part A, because they or their spouse paid Medicare taxes while they were working.

Medical insurance, called Medicare Part B, helps pay for bills from doctors, laboratories, physical therapy, and other non-hospital costs. You decide whether to enroll in Part B or not. You pay a monthly premium for Part B.

For more information, visit Medicare Facts.

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