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Are prescription drugs purchased in Mexico as safe and effective as medications in the United States?


Purchasing medications outside the U.S. in countries like Mexico may pose an unnecessary health risk and could end up costing you more money:

  • You risk purchasing medications of unknown origin and quality.
  • It is possible the medication could be old, contaminated, or counterfeit.
  • Because these drugs might be used without a doctor's supervision, they could be inappropriate for a person's health condition and therefore be hazardous to that person's health.

In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the manufacture and dispensing of medications for your safety. Many countries outside the U.S., including Mexico, do not require the same regulatory and safety standards set by the FDA.

The FDA requires manufacturers of medications in the U.S. to follow set guidelines to produce safe and effective drug products. The FDA also regulates products that may be addictive or contain dangerous substances, as well as prevents the sale of counterfeit medications. Since the quality and safety of drugs purchased outside this country may be in question, it simply is not worth the risk to your health to buy medication outside the U.S.

It just makes sense to be the safest you can be regarding the medications you take. Purchase your medications from a pharmacy you trust. Get regular checkups to ensure you are taking the right medicine for you, that you are taking it properly, that it is working, and that you are not experiencing unexpected or life-threatening side effects.

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