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What is the proper way to chew nicotine gum?


Contrary to common belief, nicotine gum is not chewed liked regular chewing gum; instead, the proper way is called the "squeeze and park" method. Patients are directed to use the "squeeze and park" method, which consists of placing the piece of nicotine gum against the inside of your teeth and then squeezing it with your tongue. After a couple of squeezes you are to place the gum in one of your cheeks and "park it". After a few minutes, or once you feel the urge again, repeat the "squeeze and park" method. The "squeeze and park" method allows for better control of the release of nicotine from the gum, thus helping improve cessation rates. (Smoking cessation programs often include a form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), such as nicotine patch, lozenge, or gum.)

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