Ask a Pharmacist


Ask a pharmacist


SSRIs and Alcohol : Can I drink alcohol while taking an SSRI antidepressant?

Antidepressants and Alcohol : Can I drink alcohol while taking a tricyclic antidepressant?

MAOI : What are MAOIs? What do MAOIs do?

Antidepressants : What are the differences between all the different kinds of antidepressants?

SSRIs : What are the side effects of SSRIs?

Antidepressant Withdrawal : What can I do to avoid withdrawal symptoms when stopping my antidepressant prescription?

Serotonin Syndrome : What is serotonin syndrome?

St. Johns Wort : What is St. John's wort?


Skin problems : Can diabetes cause skin problems?

Insulin Syringes : Do I need a prescription to purchase insulin syringes?

Traveling with Diabetic Supplies : Do I need special permission to take syringes and other diabetic supplies on a plane or cruise ship?

Finger Prick Pain : Is there any way to lessen the pain from blood glucose testing?

Insulin Pumps : Is using an insulin pump more effective than insulin injections?

Insulin Storage : Should I keep my insulin refrigerated at all times?

Uncontrolled Diabetes : What effects can uncontrolled diabetes have over time?

Alternate Testing Sites : What is alternate site testing?

Glucose : What is glucose?

Urine Test Kits : What is the difference between the urine test kits for people with diabetes?

Control Solution : When should I use the glucose control solution for my blood glucose meter?

Diet & Nutrition

Protein : How much protein should I have in my diet?

Fiber : What are fiber supplements?

Drug Information

Chronic Use : Are there any adverse reaction of long term drug use?

C2 or C-II : Can you explain what a C2 drug is?

Dosage : Does a pharmacist advise people to follow the prescribed dosages?

Pharmacist : Does a pharmacist educate consumers about their medications?

Prescription Drug History : Does a pharmacist keep track of a person's prescription drug history?

Expiration : Do medications and supplements really go bad at their expiration date?

Expiration Dates : Expiration Dates

Lactose intolerance : I've just been diagnosed as being lactose intolerant and am watching my dairy intake. How does a person become lactose intolerant? Can the lactose in oral medications cause me problems?

Clinical Trials : I am considering participating in a clinical trial for a new medication. What kind of information should I have before I agree?

Types of Clinical Trials : I heard about a clinical trial for my illness, and it was called a treatment trial. Can you tell me what a treatment trial is?

Flavoring : Is there any way to improve the flavor of my toddler's liquid antibiotic?

Creams vs Ointments : What's the difference between a cream and an ointment?

Ingredients : What are active ingredients and inactive ingredients?

FSA : What does "FSA" stand for on my receipts and on signs throughout the store?

Take with Food : What does it mean when a medication says "Take with food"?

Controlled drugs : What is a controlled drug?

NSAIDs : What is an NSAID?

Medication Compounding : What is compounding and why do you need it?

Drug Allergy vs Intolerance : What is the difference between a drug allergy and a drug intolerance?

OTC Drugs : Why should I consult a pharmacist when buying OTC drugs?

Exercise and Fitness

Walking and Arthritis : Can walking help me manage my arthritis?

Walking for Mental Clarity : Does walking help keep my mind sharp?

Holidays : How can I keep myself from gaining weight during the holidays?

Walking and Stress : How can walking help manage stress?

Walking for Health : How does walking improve my health?

Walking and Exercise : Is walking good exercise?

Walking for Your Heart : Is walking good for my heart?

Walking and Depression : Will walking help my depression?

Eye Health

Pinkeye : Are there any over-the-counter products that get rid of pinkeye?

Eye Ointment : My doctor just prescribed an eye ointment. How do I put it in my eye?

Bloodshot Eyes : What can I use for bloodshot eyes?

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