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Ask a Pharmacist


Ask a pharmacist


Pain Relievers : Are there any over-the-counter pain relievers that are safe to take during pregnancy?

Cows Milk : Can I give my baby plain cow's milk instead of baby formula if I can't produce enough breastmilk?

Prenatal Vitamins : How can I pick a prenatal vitamin for me and my baby? How much folic acid should I take?

Ovulation Kits : How do ovulation predictor kits work and are they even effective?

Home Pregnancy Tests : How soon after I think I may have become pregnant can I use a home pregnancy test?

Breast Infection : If I have a breast infection, is it still safe to breastfeed?

Breastfeeding : Is it safe to take birth control pills while breastfeeding?

Safe medications : Is it safe to take medications during pregnancy?

Stretch Marks : What are stretch marks?

Birth Control while Nursing : Which birth control pills are safe for nursing mothers?

Pregnancy and Allergies : Which over-the-counter allergies products are safe to use during pregnancy?

Folic Acid : Why is it important for women to take folic acid while trying to conceive?

Fathers Medication : Will my husband's medication affect a developing fetus while trying to conceive?

Prescription Information

C2 or C-II : Can you explain what a C2 drug is?

Transferring Prescriptions : If I have a prescription on file at another pharmacy, can I refill it at Walgreens?

NDC : What does NDC stand for?

Abbreviations : What do the abbreviations written on the prescription my doctor gave me mean?

Controlled drugs : What is a controlled drug?

PBM : What is a PBM?

Medication Compounding : What is compounding and why do you need it?

Dosages : What is the difference between a cc (cubic centimeter) and an mL (milliliter)?

New Prescription : What should I ask my doctor when getting a prescription?

Refills : Why do you have to contact my doctor for refills of maintenance medications?


Seizure Types : What is the difference between grand mal and petit mal seizures?

Sexual Wellness

Viagra Effects : How much time does Viagra take to start working? How does Viagra keep working?

Skin conditions

Non-prescription Psoriasis Treatments : Are there any alternative therapies for psoriasis?

Excessive Sweating Treatments : Are there any non-prescription therapies for excessive sweating?

Tattoo Removal : Are there any over the counter products that will remove a tattoo?

Psoriasis Prescriptions : Are there any prescription therapies for psoriasis?

Excessive Sweating Prescriptions : Are there any prescription treatments for excessive sweating?

Scars : Are there any treatments for scars?

Skin problems : Can diabetes cause skin problems?

Sun Spot Removal : Can I use over-the-counter creams to remove age and sun spots?

Ringworm : Can you use over-the-counter medicines to treat ringworm?

Corns and Calluses : How are corns and calluses formed?

Vitamin D Source : How do people get vitamin D?

Mosquito Bites : Is there anything I can apply to mosquito bites to stop them from itching?

Eczema : What are some over-the-counter eczema treatments?

Stretch Marks : What are stretch marks?

Sunspots : What are sun spots and what causes them?

Clobetasol Risks : What are the risks and side effects of clobetasol?

Sunburn Signs : What are the signs of sunburn?

Scar Prevention : What can I do to prevent my wound from scarring?

Sunburn Treatment : What can I use to treat a bad sunburn?

Biotin : What does biotin do for the skin?

Aloe Vera : What is aloe vera?

Dandruff : What is dandruff?

Hydrocortisone : What is hydrocortisone?

Hyperhidrosis : What is hyperhidrosis?

Nizoral A-D : What is Nizoral A-D?

Photosensitivity : What is photosensitivity?

Poison Ivy : What is poison ivy?

Psoriasis : What is psoriasis?

Rosacea : What is rosacea?

Burns : What is the best treatment for burns that's available over-the-counter?

Vaniqa : What is Vaniqa?

Hidradenitis Suppurativa : What parts of the body can develop hidradenitis suppurativa?

Sleep Disorders

Insomnia : How is insomnia treated?

Narcolepsy : How is narcolepsy treated?

Snoring : Is there anything I can take to help me stop snoring?

Smoking Cessation

Weight Gain : Are there any smoking cessation products that help prevent weight gain or facilitate weight loss?

Smoking Cessation Guidance : Can a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, or nurse help a person quit smoking?

Smoking and Nicotine Patches : Can I taper off smoking while I am using the nicotine patch?

Nicotine Lozenges : Is nicotine available in a lozenge?

Nicotine Patch Dosage : Is there anything I should know before using a nicotine patch to quit smoking?

Smoking Withdrawal : What are some of the withdrawal symptoms when quitting smoking and what can be done to prevent them?

Nicotine Patch Rash : What can I do to relieve a skin rash associated with wearing a nicotine patch?

Chewing Nicotine Gum : What is the proper way to chew nicotine gum?

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Your Digital Health Advisor. Powered by WebMD. Manage diabetes with this easy online tool.* Get started.

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