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Get a House Call with Pager

Now the doctor comes to you.

See a doctor or nurse from your NYC home, office or hotel room.

Note: You will leave Walgreens.com

What is Pager?

Pager is a revolutionary new way to see a doctor or nurse on your terms, wherever you are.

Board-certified doctors handle most urgent care needs for the entire family.

Doctors can treat common conditions and write prescriptions if needed.

First-time patient visits start at $50 and are reimbursed by most health plans.1

Available in New York City with more locations coming soon!

How does Pager work?

  1. Request a visit at the tap of a button. A doctor will call you to assess your need.
  2. The doctor visits, diagnoses, treats and prescribes medication as needed.
  3. The doctor will follow up with you next day via call or text message.

Download on the App StoreDownload our free app and request care whenever you need it.

Download on the App Store

1 All subsequent visits after initial visits start at $200.

We disclaim all liability for these in-person physician visits or "house calls", which are provided solely by Pager in accordance with Pager policies and terms. Pager and its healthcare providers are not agents, employees or affiliates of Walgreens. For non-emergency conditions only.