Safe medication disposal

Safe medication disposal

Home, safe home

Protect your family against misuse of all medications by safely disposing of prescription and OTC medications at select Walgreens pharmacies.

How safe medication disposal works

Simply bring your unwanted, unused or expired medication to a Walgreens safe medication disposal kiosk and drop it in—just like putting a letter in a mailbox.

Medication disposal list

Accepted items

  • *Prescription medications, ointments & patches
  • *OTC medications, ointments, lotions & liquids
  • *Pet medications
  • *Vitamins
  • *Aerosol Cans
  • *Inhalers
  • Restricted items

    • ^Needles & thermometers
    • ^Hydrogen peroxide
    • ^Illegal drugs

Find a safe medication disposal kiosk

Walgreens is continuing to lead efforts to protect individuals against the abuse and misuse of medications. We have installed more than 1,500 safe medication disposal kiosks in Walgreens and Duane Reade pharmacies across 46 states and Washington, D.C. Kiosk locations can easily be found with our store locator by selecting Filters > Pharmacy > Medication Disposal Kiosk.

All Walgreens pharmacies that do not currently offer a safe medication disposal kiosk now offer DisposeRx® packets or other drug disposal options* available upon request in the pharmacy at no cost.

DisposeRx® is an environmentally-friendly, at-home medication disposal for unused medications and provided at no cost to the customer upon request. DisposeRx® packets contain patented and proprietary solidifying materials that provide a safe solution for the disposal of unused or expired medications. When water and the DisposeRx® powder are added to drugs in the prescription vial and shaken, the drugs are dissolved and then chemically and physically sequestered in a viscous polymer gel made from materials that are FDA approved for oral medications. The patient can then safely dispose of the vial in the trash. Visit to learn more.


When can I drop off my medications?

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Safe medication disposal kiosks are available during all regular pharmacy hours.

Who collects the medication?

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We work with a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration-authorized vendor to collect and safely dispose of the medications.

Why aren't there kiosks in all states? Will you add more locations?

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We have installed safe medications kiosks in states where regulations allow. Stores that do not have safe medication kiosks offer Dispose Rx, an environmentally-friendly, at-home medication disposal for unused medications. This is provided at no-cost to the customer upon request.

We are working with other healthcare organizations, including AmerisourceBergen, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Pfizer and Prime Therapeutics to expand access to safe medication disposal kiosks to 1,500 Walgreens stores across the U.S.

How much medication have you collected in safe medication disposal kiosks?

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We've collected more than 885 tons of unwanted medication since the program began in February 2016.

How else is Walgreens encouraging safe medication disposal?

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Walgreens continues to participate in National Prescription Drug Take Back Days held twice a year.

* Walgreens pharmacies in Iowa and Nebraska without safe medication disposal kiosks offer alternative drug disposal options available upon request in the pharmacy at no cost.