ME to WE

ME to WE

Every one counts

Together, we help children here and everywhere.

Together we've made


Walgreens has partnered with
ME to WE

to empower people to change the world with their everyday choices. Each participating product purchased at Walgreens connects our customers to a positive, life-changing impact made in a developing community overseas.

Track Your Impact. Enter the code found on your product to see the difference you've made.

How to make an impact

Step 1: Make a purchase

Make a purchase

Make a socially conscious choice and purchase a product with the Track Your Impact Promise.

Step 2: Enter your code

Enter your code

Enter your Track Your Impact Code—found on all products with the Track Your Impact promise. And because of you a life will be changed with a gift of Education, Water, Health, Food or Opportunity.

Step 3: See your impact

See your impact

Be part of the transformation and make a personal connection to the community you're supporting with your choices. See how your impact is helping to build projects that create a long-term sustainable change.

Step 4: Follow your community

Follow your community

Stay close to the change as it happens and get to know your community. Register to get updates on the progress they're making every week.

Give education with every purchase

Give education with every purchase

See how your purchase helps makes a difference. Watch.

How WE Are Helping

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