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PrimeMail(R) by Walreens Mail Service. allianceRx. Walgreens + PRIME by Walgreens Mail Service. Getting started.

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Fill New Prescriptions

Already have a paper prescription from your doctor? Print, fill out and mail us the Prescription Order Form with the paper prescription attached.

Prescription Order Form

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Need a new prescription? Ask your doctor to print, fill out and fax us the Prescriber Fax Form

Prescriber Fax Form

PrimeMail and AllianceRx Walgreens Prime are now using Walgreens Mail Service to fill mail order prescriptions. Together, we are committed to delivering great service, convenience and affordable medicine. Register today.

Important: Some health insurance plans are still in the process of switching to Walgreens Mail Service. If your plan has not switched, you may pay more for your prescription if you fill it here. For questions, call the phone number on the back of your ID card.

mAt your service

  • Our pharmacy team is ready to help 24/7
  • We deliver your long-term medicines right to your front door1
  • Our pharmacies check each prescription multiple times for your safety

iWe make it easy

  • Ordering online is quick and easy
  • Your medicine is delivered in a plain package for privacy
  • Manage family members' medicines along with your own
  • We speak clearly — no jargon

-Save time and money

  • Save time by getting a 90-day supply
  • Home delivery could save you money2
  • Standard shipping is always free
  • Set up auto refill for mail order prescriptions, if eligible under your insurance plan

1 Within the United States.

2 Savings apply during the initial coverage period, which begins after the payment of your required deductible (if any) and ends when the total cost of your drugs (paid by you, your plan and others) reaches $3,700. NOTE: If you are receiving Extra Help from Medicare, your copays may be lower or you may have no copays.