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  • Just submit the prescription name, dosage, and your doctor's contact information.
  • We'll call for approval and let you know when your prescription is ready.
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Please do not use this form for the following prescriptions:

  • Mail Service Pharmacy - Use the prescription order form on our Mail Service Pharmacy page.
  • Specialty Pharmacy - Call (866) 823-2712 to order Specialty Pharmacy prescriptions.
  • Paper - Bring to a Walgreens pharmacy or mail to us with the Prescription order form.
  • Schedule II Controlled Substances1 - Cannot be requested online due to federal regulations.

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1Any schedule II Controlled Substance which may include many prescription medications used as stimulants, pain relievers and sedatives, may not be ordered online or approved over the phone. To order a prescription for a Schedule II Controlled Substance at your local Walgreens pharmacy, the original prescription must be presented at the pharmacy.