Medicare Part B Benefits

Medicare Part B Benefits


B healthy. $0 diabetes testing supplies available same day.*

Attention Medicare Part B Patients: If your mail order supplier can no longer fill your diabetes testing supplies—we can. Plus, you'll pay the same at retail as mail with costs as low as $0 out of pocket. 1

Get More out of Medicare Part B at Walgreens:

  • $0 out-of-pocket costs
  • 90-day prescription fills
  • 24-hour access to our expert pharmacists
  • Same-day availability for all major brands

Keep Your Out-of-Pocket Costs Low

We bill Medicare, which generally pays 80% of your covered diabetes testing supplies. Your qualified supplemental insurance typically covers the remaining 20% and your deductible. You can get any supplies and guidance you need at any of our more than 8,000 locations.

Find All the Supplies You Need

Frequently asked Medicare Part B questions

Q: Do I have to get my diabetes testing supplies through mail order?

A: No. You can get your diabetes testing supplies at any neighborhood Walgreens store. We can bill Medicare Part B and your qualified supplemental insurance, which means little or no out of pocket cost to you.

Q: What Medicare-covered diabetes testing supplies are available at my neighborhood Walgreens and online?


  • Blood glucose meters
  • Test strips
  • Lancets
  • Lancing devices
  • Control solution
  • Replacement batteries for meters

Q: How do I know if I am eligible to have my diabetes testing supplies covered by Medicare Part B?

A: If you're on Medicare and have diabetes, then you may be eligible. Your Walgreen's pharmacist can check your eligibility. Find a store near you.

Q: How much does Medicare pay? How much do I pay?

A: Generally, Medicare will pay 80% of the cost of your covered diabetes testing supplies, and Walgreens will bill Medicare directly. If you have a qualified supplemental insurance plan, Walgreens will bill it for the portion not covered by Medicare. Any non-covered supply, co-insurance and deductible is the responsibility of the individual customer.

Q: What daily testing guidelines are covered under Medicare?

A: Medicare covers testing once a day for non-insulin diabetics and covers testing three times daily for insulin-dependent diabetics. More frequent testing may require additional documentation.

Q: What if I need to test more frequently than Medicare guidelines allow?

A: You and your doctor may need to supply additional documentation including test logs, progress notes and lab results. It's important to keep track of your results by maintaining a log since you may be required to supply this information.

Q: Will I have to fill out and send in claim forms when buying diabetes testing supplies in store or online?

A: No, Walgreens will fill out all claim forms and bill Medicare and your supplemental insurance company directly.

Q: Who should I contact with questions?

A: Just contact your neighborhood Walgreens pharmacy. Find a store near you.

° Vaccines subject to availability. State-, age-, and health-related restrictions may apply.

* When billed to Medicare and full coverage supplemental insurance

1 Walgreens is an accredited Medicare Part B supplier of diabetes testing supplies.

2 Limitations apply to earning points. One-time reward per device, maximum 500 points per month. Limit 20 points per mile, 1000 points per month. Limit 20 points per daily weigh-in logged. Limit 20 points per blood glucose test, two logs per day. Limit 20 points per blood pressure test, one log per day. Information provided to Walgreens online is covered by the terms of our Online Privacy and Security Policy and the terms and conditions of Balance Rewards.