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Abdominal hernia belts

Use abdominal hernia belts to support and decrease pain in your hernia. With so many variations of belts, you can find one designed specifically for your condition. Walgreens.com has abdominal hernia belts from trusted sports medicine brands like OTC Professional Orthopaedic and Champion.

Hernia belt variations

Consider the level of support you need when chooseing your hernia belt. If you have a minor to moderate hernia ailment, choose from our standard abdominal belts. Other belts are designed to provide you with industrial strength hernia support. All levels of support are designed to give you relief from the discomfort and pain you feel in your lower back and abdomen. Our abdominal hernia belts will lift and support the stomach area.

Hernia straps

Hernia straps also aid in hernia support in the abdominal and lower abdominal area. Abdominal hernia belts may also be used in conjunction with hernia straps. This variation of hernia support is lightweight, to put less pressure on your body. You can also wear pads with the straps for added support, if you find that the straps alone are not providing enough relief. Use both adjustable hernia pads if you have a double hernia. Use only one pad if you only have one hernia.