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Acrylic Toenails

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Acrylic toenails

Acrylic toenails are great for hiding foot problems such as chipped or blackened toenails. They are also fun to use when you want to change the look of your feet without going to the salon for a full pedicure. The process of applying fake toenails is similar to applying acrylic fingernails. You must first file down your nail and remove all nail polish from the surface. After dabbing a dot of acrylic glue to the top of each toenail, you simply press on the acrylic toenails for 10 seconds each to secure them. Once the nails are secure, you can file and paint them however you like.

Choosing acrylic toenails

Choose acrylic toenails that look attractive to you and are the right size for your feet. Fake nails that are the wrong size will not fit correctly and might pop off soon after you apply them. Make sure that each nail fits properly on its toe before starting to apply them. If you want to be able to use your fake toenails over and over again, choose reusable artificial nails instead of those designed to be single use only.

Acrylic nail tips

To avoid any embarrassing incidents, bring some acrylic nail adhesive with you wherever you go so that you can glue your acrylic toenails back on if any fall off. After applying fake nails to your feet, wear open-toed shoes or sandals for a while to let them air out and dry completely before putting them inside other shoes.

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