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Acuvue Weekly Contact Lenses

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Acuvue weekly contact lenses

Acuvue weekly contact lenses make wearing contacts a convenient pleasure, rather than an uncomfortable hassle. Disposing of the lenses every week ensures that your contacts are clean and hygienic, so you don't damage your eyes by using lenses with dangerous protein deposits that can accumulate with extended use.

Comfortable disposable lenses

Acuvue weekly contact lenses feature moisture-locking technology, so wearing your contact lenses feels like you have nothing at all in your eyes. These disposable lenses stay lubricated to prevent your eyes from feeling dry and itchy. Replacing the contact lenses every week ensures that you are using a product that is fresh and clean, without the dirt and deposits that can stick to the surface of extended-wear lenses and cause irritation. Acuvue weekly contact lenses are particularly useful for people with sensitive eyes or allergies. You can just put them in and forget all about them.

Convenient and easy to use

You don't have to be a soft contacts pro to use Acuvue weekly contact lenses. These disposable contacts are tinted for visibility, so you can easily see each lens. They are also marked to make sure you can tell how to properly insert them into your eyes. Acuvue weekly contact lenses are made with advanced technology that ensures each lens is thin but durable. A disposable vision solution is perfect for the person who wants the convenience of contact lenses without having to spend time and money maintaining extended-wear contacts. You can use Acuvue weekly contact lenses for the week and replace them with a brand new pair before any maintenance is required.

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