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Aerosol deodorants

Aerosol deodorants are a quick way to prevent body odor. Choosing the right aerosol deodorant is a matter of personal preference, so you should consider all of the options to find the best match for your routine and activity level. There are multiple well-known aerosol deodorants from well-known brands available at Walgreens.com such as Suave, Arrid and Right Guard.

Perfumed aerosol deodorants

Many aerosol deodorants are scented, which can eliminate the need to wear a perfume or cologne. You'll find scented deodorants for both men and women. Women's deodorant often contains floral scents, tropical scents, subtle powder scents and more. Men's deodorant might contain a woodsy or fresh scent.

Specialty deodorant options

Aerosol deodorants are also available for a variety of specialty needs. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, you may want to choose a sensitive skin deodorant. These deodorants usually contain milder chemicals, and they may be unscented or mildly scented. Some aerosol deodorants contain an antiperspirant. Antiperspirant deodorants reduce sweating and underarm wetness, and they also control odor. This is a good choice if you are concerned about unsightly underarm stains. Antiperspirant deodorant sprays are usually available in all of the same scents as regular deodorants, and they are also available in unscented varieties.