Alcon Contact Lens Cleaners

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Alcon Contact Lens Cleaners

If you use non-disposable contact lenses, keeping them clean is very important. Alcon contact lens cleaners can effectively clean soft, gas permeable and hard contact lenses. The cleaning solution removes debris from the lens surface to reduce the risk of eye irritation. You can use Alcon contact lens cleaners every day to keep your lenses clean and protect them from damage.

Opti-Free Daily Cleaner

Alcon produces Opti-Free Daily Cleaner which is a suitable cleaner for daily and extended wear soft, hard and gas permeable contact lenses. This contact lens cleaner removes oil, mucus, proteins and other debris from the surface of the lens, leaving the lens smooth and clear. Tiny pieces of debris on the lens surface can cause eye irritation so it's important to clean lenses every time you remove them from your eyes.

How to Use Alcon Contact Lens Cleaners

Before you handle your contact lenses, you should wash and rinse your hands to make sure they are clean and free from any chemicals that could damage your lenses or irritate your eyes. Remove the first lens from your eye and place it in your palm. Shake the Alcon contact lens cleaner to suspend the microscopic cleaning beads. Then place a drop of the cleaning solution on each surface of the lens. Gently rub the lens with your forefingers to clean it. Apply contact lens rinsing solution and rub the lens again to remove the cleaner. If you don't want to reinsert the lens, disinfect them by placing them in the contact lens storage case with a suitable contact lens disinfecting solution.

Contact Lens Safety

Alcon contact lens cleaners are not designed to come into contact with your eyes. As a result, you should always rinse lenses thoroughly after cleaning before you reinsert them. Although Alcon contact lens cleaners can help to protect your lenses from damage by debris, you still need to replace your lenses as often as your eye doctor recommends. Visit your eye doctor regularly to make sure your eyes stay healthy and to make sure you're wearing the right prescription contact lenses.