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Almay is the manufacturer of makeup and makeup removal products. The company makes a wide range of products, including eyeliner, blush, foundation, makeup removal pads and concealer. Almay makes products for the eyes, face, lips, cheeks and other parts of the body.

Choosing the right makeup

Choosing the right makeup is sometimes a hard task because you have so many different choices available. If you need eye makeup, you might choose eyeliner, eyeshadow or mascara. In addition to regular mascara, the company also makes a waterproof mascara and a mascara that makes your lashes look longer and fuller. If you need makeup for your face and cheeks, you can find concealer, which hides dark circles under your eyes and blemishes on your face. Many women use foundation over a concealer, which gives an even tone to your skin.

Makeup removal tips

One of the most important steps in a makeup routine is the removal of your makeup at the end of the day. Makeup remover towelettes have the makeup remover applied to each pad, which makes wiping off your makeup an easy task. You can also find makeup remover pads, which are slightly larger than the pads. These towelettes are best for your cheeks and forehead because the towelettes clean a larger space. If you typically use eye makeup, invest in a bottle of eye makeup remover. Eye makeup remover from Almay has a special formula that will not irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes.

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