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Mascara improves the appearance of your face, bringing out your natural beauty by framing your eyes. For many women, mascara is an essential part of their makeup routine that ranks up there with eye shadow and eyeliner. Here at, we carrry mascaras from well-known brands like Covergirl, L'Oreal and Rimmel.

Making the right mascara choice for you

Choosing the best mascara for you is the one that you will wear on a regular basis. Lash-lengthening mascaras deposit tiny fibers that bulk up and extend your lashes. Volumizing mascara bulks up the lashes instead of lengthening them. You can also use a mascara primer to add length or volume before applying mascara. Waterproof mascara is good for days when you will be at the beach or pool because it stays smudge-free even when exposed to water.

Mascara removal

Always clean your eye area before the rest of your face, since mascara can be difficult to remove. Most eye makeup removers can get rid of non-waterproof mascara, but for waterproof varieties you might need to use an oil-based makeup remover instead of your normal cleanser. Whichever cleanser you use, you can apply it to the eye with a clean cotton ball.