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With the right eyeliner, you make your eyes the focus of your face. These products come in several types, including liquid products and eye pencils. carries eyeliner from brands like L'Oreal, Covergirl and Wet 'n Wild.

Choosing an eye pencil

The right type of eye product for you depends on the finished look you hope to achieve. A liquid eyeliner has a darker and more dramatic effect than the other versions. If you want a smudged eye look like you see in magazines, choose an eyeliner pencil. You can also find kits that include a small brush and a jar of eye color. You dip the brush into the color before applying it to your lids. You should also choose an eyeliner color that flatters your eye color. Black works well on darker eyes, while brown shades flatter those with lighter eyes.

Make your eyes pop

If you really want to make your eyes pop, choose a metallic eyeliner. This type of liner has small flakes of metallic color inside that draw attention to your eyes. Some manufacturers also make eyeliner in bright shades, including green, purple and blue. These colors work best if you keep your other makeup simple. When you need to take your makeup off at the end of the day, look for eye makeup remover. Some women prefer a liquid makeup remover that they use with cotton balls or cotton pads, but other women prefer makeup pads with the eyeliner remover already applied to the pads.