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Always Feminine Products

Finding the best strategies to deal with your monthly menstrual periods is important so that you can always feel your best. Today, this is an easy task due to all of the choices that you have available. Always feminine products are convenient and easy to use, providing you with exceptional options that handle that time of the month discreetly. You can find a variety of styles to choose from, each of which allows you to go about your day with confidence.

Superior Absorbency

All of the Always feminine pads are made with highly absorbent materials and padding. The Infinity line of Always feminine products is made with FlexFoam", a substance that offers superior absorbency due to the fact that it can absorb as much as ten times its weight. Thinner pads are intended for days when menstrual flow is less heavy.

Secure Placement

A self-adhesive strip holds the pad securely in place. Many of the styles of Always feminine products are made with wings that not only hold the pads in place but keep them flat against your undergarments, giving you the confidence you need, while eliminating any worry that they might move around, slip out of place and leak.

Ultra Thin Pads

Since many women are active, they can appreciate the benefit of choosing Always feminine products in an ultra thin variety that moves with them as they go about their day. Available with and without wings, this style provides the same great absorbency as other types.

Always Flexi-Wings

Some styles of Always feminine products are made with Flexi-Wings, adding another element of protection. Flexi-Wings move with you to stay in place while offering extra protection against leaks and staining.

Helping Women Every Day

Always works hard to help women manage the changes that come their way during different stages of their lives Not only does the company continually improve their feminine pads so that they provide superior absorbency and comfort, but they take the time to share important information about the female body.