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Amplified Telephones

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Amplified telephones

Hearing the other person on a phone call can be easier with amplified telephones. These phones for the hard of hearing have adjustable amplifications, so you can find the volume that works best for you. Some amplified telephones can also help reduce background noise, so you hear the other line more clearly. Choose between corded amplified phones and cordless phones from brand ClearSounds here at

Options and features

Amplified telephones can be helpful in other ways aside from increasing the volume. You can be sure you're dialing the right number with large buttons. Some phones have a talking function that announces the numbers as you dial. Amplified phones with caller ID can announce the caller or display the incoming number. You can even choose a phone that comes with an amplified answering machine to help make checking your messages easier.

To help you hear loud and clear

If you use a hearing aid, you can find amplified telephones that are compatible with hearing aids. We also carry hearing aid accessories such as cleaners and dehumidifiers. Choose from a variety of hearing aid batteries in different sizes and voltages to find those that work with your device. You?ll also find personal sound amplifiers that you can use for a range of activities, as wells as phone amplifiers that work with mobile phones.

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