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Ankle Braces For Running

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Ankle Braces for Running

Running is often considered an excellent form of exercise that can help provide a workout for the heart and lungs, burn calories, improve circulation and strengthen the muscles in the legs. Whether you're training for a competitive race or simply running for enjoyment or to keep fit, you want to take care to avoid injuries and protect yourself. If your doctor has recommended that you wear an ankle brace for protection when you run, Walgreens can help you find the perfect solution for your needs with an assortment of braces.

Why Wear an Ankle Brace?

An ankle brace is a medical device that fits over the foot. Typically, the brace covers the top of the foot and the bottom of the leg, providing support in the ankle area. The brace is specially designed to limit the movement of your ankle. While you are still able to run while wearing an ankle brace, the device keeps the foot properly aligned with every step that you take. It may take some time for you to adjust to the feeling of wearing an ankle brace while running but many runners are able to quickly become accustomed to braces.

Ankle Braces for Injury Prevention

Sometimes, doctors recommend ankle braces for runners in order to reduce their risk of injury. While running does provide many benefits for the body, it may pose some hazards if you don't take precautions. Ankle injuries are common among runners and can occur if the foot rolls inwards or twists due to a missed step, an uneven running surface or an obstacle. When you're wearing a brace, your ankle may be less likely to roll and twist, so you may be less prone to injuries. If you're worried about injuring your ankles when you run, you can talk to your doctor about whether or not wearing a brace could be beneficial for you.

Ankle Braces for Injury Recovery

Ankle braces may also be recommended by doctors for runners who have previously suffered an injury. Most often, braces are recommended for more serious ankle sprains and strains. Wearing a brace helps to reduce the movement of the muscles in the ankle area, so that they can properly heal. Following a sprain or strain, your doctor may recommend that you avoid running for a set period of time. Once the period has passed, you can talk to your physician about whether you should wear an ankle brace when you get back to your running routine.

How to Choose an Ankle Brace

Your doctor can provide you with a recommendation as to which type of ankle brace is the best solution for your specific needs. Once you have recommendations, you can compare the options available at Walgreens and confine your search to the models that meet your doctor's specifications. Ankle braces come in one size fits all designs that will fit nearly everyone as well as in sized designs. If you're purchasing an ankle brace that is sized, you'll either need to measure your foot and match the measurement to the guidelines in the product description or find a brace that corresponds to your shoe size.

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