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Ankle Braces For Soccer

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Ankle Braces for Soccer

Supporting your ankles is important if you play soccer and other sports. Some orthopedists recommend wearing an ankle brace if you've had a previous ankle sprain injury or want to help prevent future injuries. Walgreens offers ankle braces with varying levels of support. Each brace combines comfort with functionality whether you play sports competitively or are a recreational athlete. Ask your doctor which type of ankle brace is right for you.

Lace-up Varieties

Lace-up braces lace up on the inside like a shoe and contour snugly but comfortably against your ankle. These braces provide support and stability when you're out on the field. You can even adjust the heel for maximal comfort. With moisture-absorbing material on the inside to absorb sweat, you don't have to worry about odor.

Extra Support

When you need maximum ankle support, choose from deluxe ankle stabilizers that provide rigid support and are constructed with reinforced sides to reduce side-to-side ankle motion. With adjustable closures, you can get the exact level of support and comfort your ankles need. Made of materials that "breathe," your feet get the air circulation they need to prevent odor.

Ankle Braces with Straps

Ankle stabilizers with heel-locking straps have a strapping system that adjusts to provide maximal ankle support when you move. The straps are designed not to stretch when you're walking or running.

Wrapping Braces

Wrap-around ankle supports offer comfortable, non-bulky support and come in various sizes to fit any ankle. This lighter level of support is designed for mild sprains and strains and may provide comfort to stiff or sore ankles.

Pull-Over Braces

Ankle supports that slip on over the foot like a sock provide the support and comfort of an ankle wrap but slide on quickly and easily. Pullover ankle supports made of elastic combine uniform ankle compression with comfort so you can stay active and move with ease.

Ankle Support for Smaller Ankles

Kids sometimes need ankle protection too, especially if they've injured an ankle in the past or have had a recent sprain or injury. Kids can enjoy the protection of four-way stretch support that provides uniform and comfortable ankle compression. These types of braces are often considered ideal for sports and for outdoor activity.

If you have questions about which ankle brace or support is right for you or someone in your family, consult a doctor or other health professional.

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