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Anti Embolism Hose

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Anti-embolism hose

If you're recuperating from surgery or are at risk for developing thromboembolisms, wearing anti-embolism hose may help you. Look for the anti-embolism stockings in a size and style that you'll be comfortable wearing. Here at, we carry anti-embolism hose from brands such as ITA-MED, Futuro and Truform to help you meet your needs.

Options for comfort and health

Anti-embolism hosiery is available in knee length, thigh high and lengths below the knee. Choose from different colors and materials that will complement your outfit or shoes for discreet use. Depending on what's most comfortable for you, you can also find closed-toe and open-toe anti-embolism hose. Look for hosiery that offers mild, moderate or firm compression to help promote healthy circulation.

Keeping your feet comfortable

In addition to support stockings, we carry support socks in a variety of lengths and styles. There are compression socks for diabetics that not only promote circulation but wick away moisture and offer padding for comfort. Like anti-embolism hose, compression socks come in a range of lengths such as knee high and crew length for your comfort.

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