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Aquafresh Toothpaste

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Aquafresh toothpaste

Your mouth contains more than just your teeth. Your gum tissue, your tongue and the lining of your mouth all require regular care to keep your breath fresh and your entire mouth in the best of health. Daily brushing can help to meet the needs of your whole mouth, but only if you choose the right toothpaste and complete your oral care routine on a regular basis. Aquafresh toothpastes were developed specifically to promote health throughout the entire mouth, leading to the nickname "whole mouth pastes." In 1973, the first Aquafresh product was released on the market. This original formula had a white stripe of ingredients to remove plaque and guard against tooth decay and a gel stripe that neutralized the particles that contribute to bad breath. Over the years, the scientists and oral care experts at Aquafresh added a third red stripe to their toothpastes, providing ingredients that promote healthier gums. Today, all Aquafresh toothpastes provide this triple protection for the teeth, breath and gums, helping to enhance the effectiveness and amplify the benefits of daily brushing.

Whole mouth pastes for the whole family

The Aquafresh toothpaste collection includes a whole range of solutions for the health of the mouth. Products are available to help limit the amount of tartar that forms on the teeth in order to make professional dental cleanings less intense and to protect the gums from inflammation. Special extra strength varieties offer deeper cleaning benefits for those who struggle with good dental hygiene. For individuals with stained and discolored teeth, whitening toothpastes are available in the Aquafresh collection, and there are also formulas that help to reduce symptoms of tooth sensitivity in the line. In addition to the products made to meet the needs of adults' mouths, Aquafresh formulates toothpastes especially for the needs of kids. These great-tasting toothpaste products make brushing more pleasant for kids, encouraging them to practice a daily hygiene routine for lifelong oral health. With so many products to choose from, Aquafresh can help every member of the family have a healthier mouth, and you'll find all of the popular Aquafresh varieties at Walgreens.

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