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Toothpaste at Walgreens

Proper oral care is essential to good health. Choosing the right " for your daily brushing can be a confusing task. Do you need advanced tartar protection? Whitening paste? Perhaps you need a " for sensitive teeth. Your dental needs can change throughout your life, so rather than buying the same " every time, ask your dentist about the different types and which one is most appropriate for you.

Cavity Protection

All "s offer some protection against cavities. All ADA-approved "s contain fluoride, which strengthens tooth enamel. This important ingredient can even help to remineralize teeth that have started to be affected by decay. Choosing a fluoride " is important to protect your teeth from cavities, even if you live in an area with a fluoridated water supply.


Whitening "s contain tiny abrasive particles such as baking soda that rub against your teeth to remove stains. Some whitening pastes also contain chemicals that react with stains to remove them. These "s can be useful for people who have surface staining from drinking red wine or coffee. If whitening " does not work to remove your dental stains, then you can try whitening strips or consult your dentist about professional teeth whitening.


Dental plaque naturally builds up on your teeth and provides a place for cavity-causing bacteria to grow. Plaque can be removed by brushing, but if you leave some plaque on your teeth then it can harden into tartar, which is very difficult to remove. Anti-calculus or tartar control " contains chemicals that help to prevent the buildup of tartar.

Gum Protection

All "s help to keep your mouth clean and fresh, which discourages the growth of the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. However, some anti-gingivitis "s contain added ingredients to help to soothe irritated gums and minimize the risk of gum disease from spreading. Your dentist might recommend that you use a gum protection " if you are showing signs of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums).

Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, then using a desensitizing " can help to relieve the discomfort. Toothpastes for sensitive teeth block pathways in the tooth to prevent the inner nerve from being stimulated when you eat very hot or cold food. After a couple of weeks of use, you should start to notice a difference. Consult your dentist if you keep having sensitivity after using this type of paste for several weeks.

Children's Toothpaste

Children's " has a slightly gentler formulation than "s designed for adults. It often contains fewer abrasive ingredients, as well as slightly less fluoride to reduce the risk of fluoride poisoning if children swallow the paste. If you are having trouble convincing your kids to brush, then try tempting them with " that has a more kid-friendly flavor, such as strawberry or bubble gum.

Multi-Purpose Toothpaste

Many types of " fulfill more than one of the functions listed above, which make them great for people who have several dental concerns. Many varieties also contain ingredients that help fight bad breath. You can choose from gel and paste forms. By choosing the right type of ", you can protect your teeth and gums. You can also deal with issues like sensitivity and even achieve a brighter, whiter smile.

Walgreens offers a vast selection of "s and other oral care products to suit your daily oral hygiene routine. Schedule regular exams with your dentist and be sure to ask for recommendations on which "s are suitable for your needs.