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Arm Braces For Carpal Tunnel

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Arm braces for carpal tunnel

Help ease the discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome with arm braces for carpal tunnel. If you wake up with pain in your arm, wrist or hand, choose a night wrist brace that stabilizes your wrist overnight. During the day, you can maintain use of your hands while wearing day wrist supports that are smaller than night versions. Choose an arm brace for carpal tunnel from IMAK and WrisTimer that can help minimize your pain.

Relief and comfort

Most arm braces for carpal tunnel support the wrist and help maintain its proper positioning. Many wrist braces fit on either the left or right hand. If you choose a night brace try one that's made of breathable materials to help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. When browsing day braces, look for those that don't restrict the use of your hand.

Supporting your joints

In addition to arm braces for carpal tunnel, you'll find a variety of braces and supports here at We carry more types of wrist supports that can help with arthritis and other conditions. Knee warmers and knee braces are also available in different levels of support and various sizes. Find what you need to stay active and comfortable.

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