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Armani Womens Colognes

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Armani women's colognes

Enjoy the style and class that Armani is famous for, with a selection from the available Armani women's colognes. The collection of Giorgio Armani fragrances is available in a variety of scents to offer you a range of enjoyable choices filled with both style and grace.

Armani eau de parfum spray

The eau de parfum spray from this large collection of Armani women's colognes is a scented spray that can last for hours after each application. The number of hours that the fragrance lasts with each application should be enough time to see you through the day with a classic scent that can be enjoyed by all those around you. The Armani perfume is available in a wide variety of scents and bottle sizes to fit your needs. When applied, the scent will change slightly as it blends with your body chemistry. Though the change is subtle, it is noticeable enough to create a scent that's identifiably unique to each user of the fragrance.

Armani eau de toilette spray

The Armani eau de toilette spray line is a light, refreshing scent that leaves a hint of fragrance on the body when applied. It's not as heavily scented as many of the Armani women's colognes are, and is best used when a short-term or subtle fragrance is desired. The line of sprays is also available in a variety of scents to suit your mood and comes in several sizes to match your preferences and supply needs.

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