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Manufacturers use astaxanthin in different herbal supplements designed for those with joint problems. The ingredient helps fight the symptoms of aging, including joint and bone pain. Astaxanthin supplements made by brands like Nutrex Hawaii, Nature Made and Nature's Bounty.

Softgel supplements

Softgel supplements are completely different than traditional capsules because the supplements have a thin coating on the outside. Some refer to these capsules as liquid capsule supplements because the inside features a mixture of liquid ingredients. One of the biggest benefits associated with softgels is that this thin layer quickly dissolves when it encounters the acids and liquids in your stomach. Softgels generally work faster than ordinary capsules. When shopping for supplements that contain astaxanthin, check the label carefully. The manufacturer should list softgel or a similar phrase on the front, which indicates that it has a liquid center.

Combination supplements

Some manufacturers sell dietary supplements that include astaxanthin in combination with other ingredients. The belief is that these supplements reduce pain and inflammation that affect joints and bones, including pain and swelling caused by arthritis. Some manufacturers use astaxanthin as the main ingredient, but other manufacturers use a small amount of astaxanthin mixed with larger amounts of other ingredients. When you use a herbal supplement with astaxanthin as an ingredient, you might get some relief from pain.

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