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Athletes Foot

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Athlete's Foot

If you have white patches, dry patches or scaly areas on your feet, you might suffer from athlete's foot. Athlete's foot is a type of fungal infection that you can treat with a few simple products. offers athlete's foot medicine from popular brands like Lotrimin and Tinactin.

Choosing antifungal products

Choosing antifungal products typically means choosing from one of three different product types. The first is an antifungal foot cream that you apply to the affected areas of your body. The cream slowly absorbs into your body, which helps treat the infection trapped underneath your skin. If you think that a lotion or a cream is too messy, you can use an antifungal foot spray. The spray works in the same way as the lotion does, but an antifungal spray often absorbs into the skin faster. You can also try a powder designed for treating athletes foot. The powder absorbs sweat and other types of moisture that can lead to athletes foot.

Preventing athlete's foot

When you follow the right steps, you can prevent athletes foot from becoming a problem. Sprinkle a small amount of athlete's foot powders in the bottom of your shoes before running, walking or doing any type of physical activity that makes you sweat. You should also change your socks every day, wash your feet carefully each day and make sure your feet are dry before you put on shoes or socks. Any type of moisture on your feet can lead to athletes foot. Wearing flip flops or sandals in communal areas can also help because the shoes keep your feet from touching any fungus on the floor.

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