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Baby Feeding

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Baby feeding

Find what you need for baby feeding here at For new babies, we carry baby bottles, nipples and bibs. For older babies, you can find sippy cups, baby spoons and forks and bowls. Browse our assortment of baby feeding products from brands such as Philips Avent, Dr. Brown's and Munchkin.

While you nurse

We carry a number of supplies that can be helpful if you are nursing. There are several types of breast pumps as well as breast pump kits that include bags to for easy transport. You can also find washable or disposable nursing pads, breastmilk bags for storage and breastfeeding pillows for a soft cushion to lay your baby on while nursing.

Feeding accessories

Additional baby feeding accessories can help mealtime go more smoothly. There are burp cloths that can help your clothes stay clean while you burp your baby. Tumbler cups for toddlers allow your little ones to drink from a "big kid's" cup, and are made of durable plastic. We also carry liners for baby bottles for easy bottle preparation.

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