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Baby Orajel

Relieve your baby's teething pain quickly with Baby Orajel. Use Baby Orajel Oral Pain Reliever Gel to alleviate tooth and gum pain both day and night. Available in a variety of formulas and flavors, including cherry, berry and melon, as well as a natural variety of dissolving teething tablets, Baby Orajel Teething Pain Medicine is highly recommended by pediatricians for teething pain relief.

Selecting teething medicine

When your baby is in pain, Baby Orajel can help. Providing fast-acting teething relief, Baby Orajel has ingredients and products to meet your baby's unique needs. Whether you need a product specifically for night time use, a pain relieving toothpaste for older kids or natural teething relief remedies, Baby Orajel has solutions. Purchase both regular day teething medicine and the night time long-lasting Baby Orajel formulation together for added savings and to keep your baby comfortable all day long during difficult teething periods.