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Protect your teeth, prevent cavities, and freshen your breath by choosing from the variety of toothpaste brands and ingredients available to ship directly to your home through Walgreens.com. We carry popular brands like Colgate, Crest and Aquafresh.

Teeth cleaning gels and pastes

Brushing your teeth daily is the most important step to keeping your teeth healthy. While a variety of toothpaste options exist, toothpaste's primary ingredient works to fight cavities and control tartar. For even more cavity protection, choose a fluoride toothpaste. Baking soda toothpastes and toothpastes with mouthwash ingredients give you an extra-clean feeling and fresh breath. If your teeth are sensitive to cold or hot food or liquids, your dentist may recommend a toothpaste designed to minimize sensitivity. Whitening toothpaste contains ingredients that help remove stains and lighten teeth while you brush for a brighter smile. No matter which brand of toothpaste you prefer, Walgreens.com is likely to offer just what you need.

Other oral health products

In addition to toothpaste, Walgreens offers a range of oral hygiene products to keep your teeth healthy and clean. Once you have chosen the best toothpaste for you, consider replacing your toothbrush. Manual toothbrushes are the most inexpensive option, and they are easy to replace. Battery-operated and rechargeable toothbrushes make the daily task of brushing your teeth easier and quicker. Rechargeable toothbrushes can easily be recharged by setting the toothbrush in its base that plugs in to an outlet, and replacement toothbrush heads can be easily changed out as needed. Walgreens also carries mouthwash for a clean feeling and fresh breath after brushing.