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Bald head products

Keep your head smooth and free of bumps with bald head products. From moisturizing to shaving, here you'll find a great variety of products from which to choose. Walgreens.com carries bald head products from brands like TIGI.

Bald shaving products

Shaving products are one of the most popular types of bald head products you will find. Bald head products come in a variety of forms and consistencies. Shaving gels help you obtain a smooth finish on your head. Other types of shaving products like shaving cream and shaving powder, can be mixed with water for application. These products include ingredients that sooth the scalp to help prevent irritation.

Bald moisturizing products

Moisturizing products are one of the bald products that you apply once you have already shaved your head. These types of products help soothe any irritation you feel, whether it is razor burn or dryness from shaving. Search for a moisturizing product that is lightweight and has a natural feel. If the cream is too greasy, it can rub off on the back of your car seat and leave a stain. The ideal moisturizing bald head products should absorb quickly and leave the skin smooth to the touch. Look for moisturizers that contain ingredients such as aloe, green tea, fruit extracts and vitamins.