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Bariatric canes

The strong frames of bariatric canes make them ideal for long-term use to help larger individuals walk independently. These heavy duty canes generally offer support for up to 500 pounds. They're available in 4-tipped quad cane styles as well as traditional styles with one tip. Brands such as Nova, TFI Medical and Medline are here at with a range of sizes and styles of bariatric canes.

Your options

To get comfortable support that makes walking easier, make sure you choose a bariatric cane that can adjust to your height. For this reason, we carry standard-sized canes as well as those for tall individuals. Adjustable heavy duty canes can adjust in one-inch increments to meet your needs. For lightweight support, folding canes are easy to travel with and store. When your cane tips become worn, you can find replacements to help better grip the floor.

Additional bariatric care

Our selection of bariatric care products includes options for personal care as well as home medical supplies and equipment. You can also find additional mobility aids, such as extra wide walkers and rolling walkers, heavy duty crutches and bariatric wheelchairs. For extra comfort, there are bariatric wheelchair cushions. For safety and comfort in the bathroom, you can find bariatric shower chairs as well as bariatric commodes.