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Bath gift sets

For a special occasion or at any time, bath gift sets allow you to give the gift of relaxation. Soothing scents can make these skin care gift sets a great way to unwind and pamper. There are even baby bath gift sets which can be a convenient way to get several baby care products in one set. They can also be a practical present, since you can use the body wash and other skin care items day in and day out. Choose your loved one's preferred scent and type of bath sets from brands Canus, Details Bath & Body and Johnson's.

Finding a gift

If you're looking to surprise someone with the ideal gift, browse our other types of bath sets. There are many fragrance gift sets which can include body spray, cologne, fragranced lotion or other forms of delightful scents. Choose a favorite or get something new from a celebrity's collection. We also carry gifts for new moms such as baby bottle sets.

Everyday cleansing

Whether for you or someone else, there are many bath and shower products here at Walgreens.com. Stock up on your cleansing supplies or make a personalized addition to a bath gift set. You'll find shower gels and lotions for many skin types, as well as pampering bubble bath and bath salts.