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Bath Soaps

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Bath soaps

We have a wide selection of liquid and cake bath soaps, perfect fo you, your family and gift giving. Offering organic, natural and conditioning bath soaps that have the latest combinations of ingredients, it's easy to clean your skin and keep it looking its best. Bath soaps from well-known brands like Dove, Dial and Softsoap.

Types of soaps for bath and shower

Bar soaps for the bath and shower is perfect for children and people with sensitive skin because it is pure soap with no additives. You can also find moisturizing bars that combine gentle soap with ingredients that replenish the natural moisture in your skin. To prevent body odor and present a pleasant, refreshing scent, we recommend deodorant soaps in the form of deodorant bar soaps and deodorant bath and shower gels, which are available for both men and women. We are excitied to offer you organic soap, which is based on natural ingredients such as coconut oil, or enriched with natural moisturizers such as oatmeal and shea butter, making it exceptionally gentle on your skin. Use Exfoliating scrubs to gently remove dead skin that blocks your pores, leaving skin smooth and clean.

Choosing bath soaps

If you have sensitive skin, look for unscented soap. We have unscented bar and liquid bath soaps available. For bathing and showering after a long, strenuous day at work or a brisk workout at the gym, we recommend you use deodorant soap. Or, try some of our natural bath soaps and moisturizing body washes to keep your skin soft and glowing.

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